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20+ Recipes That Use Raw Honey (And Keep It That Way):

Keeping honey unheated and unpasteurized helps to assure that the beneficial enzymes and other heat sensitive nutrients are kept intact.

Honey Tip: Honey bakes faster than sugar so be sure to lower your oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent over browning. 

Giant wild honeycomb covered in honeybees.

Bee Motel 😊 

How clean is your city? Just ask the bees:

Urban pollutants are a health concern in growing cities. Scientists are turning to honey bees to help monitor contaminants in soil, water, air and plants. 

The amazing world of bees.

Honeybees Vs. Bumblebees – 10 facts about our beloved insect the bee. 

Propolis. Some bees love it very much and so do we. 

Save the Bees – Two important things you can do: 

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