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A #beesweet & #beauty4life desejam uma #Páscoa muito #feliz
Beesweet & Beauty4life wish you a #happy #easter

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Looked at Easter Hiveland real quick and found it completely frozen. Even the hive beetles are dead.

I’m guessing it was the combination of low temperatures and constant rain that just made it impossible for them to keep the hive warm. It’s sad, really; but what can you do but move on? Natural hive and the unnamed extraction hive are still alive and well. I just hope they have enough stores to last the winter.

Apparently a good few bees didn’t get the memo. I hope they find their way to their new home across the yard…

So I officially moved Easter Hiveland to the bee area last night. I also moved them from their double deep 8-frame (total of 10 inhabited frames) in to a single deep 10-frame. This should allow them to better control pests and heat. My only task now is making sure they don’t swarm out before winter hits. They still are only about 6 frames worth of bees, but this colony has shown their potential for growth quite effectively over the past months.

I set an old nuc in the old location to hopefully capture any foragers that return to the old location. That way I can dump them back in the primary colony and have an empty trap set in the old location for when spring hits. ^^

The poor little Easter hive is getting too hot…

Hot girls hanging out on the front porch!

It’s been really really hot and humid lately, so the gals are really feeling the heat. Even the Easter Beebees are starting to beard under near full shade in a mesh bottom hive!

I love seeing them ball up on the front like that though. It makes for some really nice pictures~