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A Gota Beelove tem uma nova embalagem! ♻️
A Beesweet aposta nos materiais recicláveis e a nossa caixa é feita de papel reciclável, que se decompõe na terra.
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Our Gota Beelove has a new packaging! ♻️
Beesweet bets on the recyclable materials and our box is made of recyclable paper, which decomposes on the soil.
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But yeah I have the concept for bees in minecraft already worked out in my head and it’s so cool.

Like you would have hive blocks that randomly generate in forest/jungle type biomes and would cause tiny damage if you moved quickly in a small radius around them. You could use string and hats to craft a bee veil to nullify the damage, and use an arrangement of iron nuggets to make a “hive tool” to interact with the hive blocks to get honey and wax from them. A smoker could be used to stop them from dealing damage when you open them up with the hive tool. They would only produce honey and wax if there were flowers within a large radius of them and would slowly die out of you removed all the flowers. They could also periodically send out a “swarm” if they are left with too much honey for too long, that buzzes around and seeks out a sheltered place to sit. (It flies around as an entity then turns in to a “block” when it finds a suitable area) After the swarm sits under a tree or ledge for long enough it should turn in to a hive block and start the process all over again. To make bees renewable for people who play survival maps like skyblock, swarms could very rarely spawn during the day in forest or jungle biomes if there are flowers around.

Some crafting ideas???

Smoker: Use it to send a puff of smoke forwards. If the smoke hits a hive block it will “calm” it for a certain time so that it doesn’t do damage and can be interacted with.

Hive tool: Use on a hive block to “open” it and reveal the honey and wax that is available. An “open” hive could randomly damage you if it isn’t “calmed” with a smoker.

Veil: Wear this to not take damage around them. (unopened)

Queen cage: Possibly used to relocate swarms? Tool to “capture” them? Or maybe just use a bucket like me. “Bucket of Bees” sounds like a fun item.

Someone get this to Mojang asap. Xp