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A Gota Beelove tem uma nova embalagem! ♻️
A Beesweet aposta nos materiais recicláveis e a nossa caixa é feita de papel reciclável, que se decompõe na terra.
Adquira-o no link abaixo!

Our Gota Beelove has a new packaging! ♻️
Beesweet bets on the recyclable materials and our box is made of recyclable paper, which decomposes on the soil.
Get this new box in the link below! •

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My two remaining hives are still doing great, and on this fine new year’s eve a swarm seems to have found my empty boxes once again! I really hope they bring lots of honey and wax because it’s supposed to freeze VERY low in the coming weeks. Even if it does feel like summer now.

It’s a bright and shiny 24 degrees and to my fear, a hive somewhere decided that it was a good time to swarm out. I really hope that they bring lots and lots of honey, because these nucs are very small and they’ll need all the fuel they can get for the winter.

I’ll try to move them in to an 8-frame painted box as soon as possible, and get a feeder in there to hopefully boost their chances of survival. I really really hope the best for these bees.

Bees investigating swarm trap!! Investigating swarm trap!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!


There’s a swarm moving in to one of my bait boxes right now!! Pictures later when they calm down a bit~