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Quem quer comer mel no seu estado mais natural…

Quem quer comer mel no seu estado mais natural levante a mão! 👐👐
O Beefavo by Beesweet é sinónimo de qualidade inalterável uma vez que este se encontra conforme a abelha o produziu! 🐝

Who wants to eat honey in its most natural state raise your hand! 👐👐
The Beefavo by Beesweet is synonymous of unchangeable quality once this is found as the bee produced it! 🐝

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Moving to Twitter?

Not sure how to properly execute a move like this, especially when it means leaving behind what I have here, but I’m sure it’s for the best.

If Tumblr decides to get smart at some point in the future I’ll keep updating in both places, but for now let’s stay on the save side and put this here:

Consider this my first “swarming out” from my first hive. I’m not leaving all-together, just splitting off to continue to grow in two places instead of one~


Just a few of many posts of mine that seem to be flagged as explicit??? Can someone explain to me what exactly is wrong with these pictures??????











how do u actually save bees?

  • Plant bee-friendly flowers
  • Support your local beekeepers
  • Set up bee hotels for solitary bees
  • If you see a lethargic bee feed it sugar water
  • Spread awareness of the importance off bees

+Don’t eat honey✌🏻


That will not help save the bees at all. They need the excess honey removed from their hives. That’s the beekeepers entire livelihood.

Seriously refusing to eat honey is one of those well-meaning but ultimately terrible ideas. The bees make way too much honey and need it out in order to thrive (not being funny but that was literally a side effect in Bee Movie). Plus that’s the only way for the beekeepers to make the money they need to keep the bees healthy. Do not stop eating honey because somebody on Tumblr told you too.

excess honey, if not removed, can ferment and poison the bees. even if it doesn’t, it attracts animals and other insects which can hurt the bees or even damage the hive. why vegans think letting bees stew in their own drippings is ‘cruelty-free’ is beyond me. >:[

the fact that we find honey yummy and nutritious is part of why we keep bees, true, but the truth is we mostly keep them to pollinate our crops. the vegetable crops you seem to imagine would still magically sustain us if we stopped cultivating bees.

and when you get right down to it… domestic bees aren’t confined in any way. if they wanted to fly away, they could, and would. they come back to the wood frame hives humans build because those are nice places to nest.

so pretending domestic bees have it worse than wild bees is just the most childish kind of anthropomorphizing.

If anything, man-made hives are MORE suitable for bees to live in because we have mathematically determined their optimal living space and conditions, and can control them better in our hives. We also can treat them for diseases and pests much easier than we could if they were living in, say, a tree.

Tl;dr for all of this: eating honey saves the bees from themselves, and keeping them in man-made hives is good for them.


Plus, buying honey supports bee owners, which helps them maintain the hives, and if they get more money they can buy more hives, which means more bees!

Also do what you can to reduce pesticide and herbicide use (especially roundup!!!) because it’s not just honeybees that need our help, but thousands of solitary bee species in the US alone! Solitary bees (and some flies even) are actually the most important pollinators in modern agriculture and natural plant pollination. Honeybees are just easier to manage and transport for large-scale agriculture, with the added bonus of producing honey and wax for us humans and foxes.


Popped the top box off of the unnamed extraction hive because it seemed empty and the cluster was entirely in the bottom box. Turned out that it has massive honey stores in it, so I pulled any vacant frames (hiding spots for hive beetles) and put the honey directly over the cluster. It was cool this morning so they were mostly calm, and only two or three bees got warmed up enough to fly at me.

After I put them back together I noticed a piece of honeycomb had fallen out of the box. Half of it still had some capped honey, so I took it inside as a sampler. It is fantastic and almost makes me wish I could do a late fall extraction without harming the bees.


Looked at Easter Hiveland real quick and found it completely frozen. Even the hive beetles are dead.

I’m guessing it was the combination of low temperatures and constant rain that just made it impossible for them to keep the hive warm. It’s sad, really; but what can you do but move on? Natural hive and the unnamed extraction hive are still alive and well. I just hope they have enough stores to last the winter.

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The -still unnamed- extraction hive is performing as expected. They are going crazy bringing in pollen and I hope nectar as well! I’ll be doing a checkup on my remaining hives soon so stay tuned!


I had a bee chase me across the yard to get this shot