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But yeah I have the concept for bees in minecraft already worked out in my head and it’s so cool.

Like you would have hive blocks that randomly generate in forest/jungle type biomes and would cause tiny damage if you moved quickly in a small radius around them. You could use string and hats to craft a bee veil to nullify the damage, and use an arrangement of iron nuggets to make a “hive tool” to interact with the hive blocks to get honey and wax from them. A smoker could be used to stop them from dealing damage when you open them up with the hive tool. They would only produce honey and wax if there were flowers within a large radius of them and would slowly die out of you removed all the flowers. They could also periodically send out a “swarm” if they are left with too much honey for too long, that buzzes around and seeks out a sheltered place to sit. (It flies around as an entity then turns in to a “block” when it finds a suitable area) After the swarm sits under a tree or ledge for long enough it should turn in to a hive block and start the process all over again. To make bees renewable for people who play survival maps like skyblock, swarms could very rarely spawn during the day in forest or jungle biomes if there are flowers around.

Some crafting ideas???

Smoker: Use it to send a puff of smoke forwards. If the smoke hits a hive block it will “calm” it for a certain time so that it doesn’t do damage and can be interacted with.

Hive tool: Use on a hive block to “open” it and reveal the honey and wax that is available. An “open” hive could randomly damage you if it isn’t “calmed” with a smoker.

Veil: Wear this to not take damage around them. (unopened)

Queen cage: Possibly used to relocate swarms? Tool to “capture” them? Or maybe just use a bucket like me. “Bucket of Bees” sounds like a fun item.

Someone get this to Mojang asap. Xp


I’m 99% sure that the natural hive is gone. They must have frozen at the very last minute because up until a few days ago they were doing fine…

The ball of bees at the bottom of the hive is still moving, which makes me think that the queen froze and fell to the bottom and the bees are still trying to gather around her. Sad times.



Oh no. There are bees all over the old location.

I put an empty box there to hopefully help them survive this freezing night but I’m really concerned that the main hive’s numbers will fall too low tonight. It’s like a queenless swarm out here!

I’m going to dump them on the main hive tonight before it gets too cold in the hopes that the will stay safe and warm together.


I moved the bees to a safer (and less ant-y) location. It’s still freezing so I wrapped them up again at least for this week. I also put a recombobulator in front of them because I started seeing bees returning to the old location even in freezing temperatures!

As asas de uma abelha são incrivelmente rápida…

As asas de uma abelha são incrivelmente rápidas, podendo chegar às 200 batidas por segundo.

The honey bee’s wings are incredibly fast, reaching 200 beats per second.

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Located the ants. They were under the covers up against the hive. (and very likely inside the cover)

I’m at a loss for what to do now. I’ve never had an ant problem this bad. I just hope they don’t go inside. It’s not like I can poison them…

I took a blowtorch to the ants on the outside then splashed the outside and lid overhang with diatomaceous earth. Hopefully that will be enough of a deterrent to keep them away. All will be for nothing if they are inside the hive already though.

Sabia que uma abelha média produz apenas cerca…

Sabia que uma abelha média produz apenas cerca de 1/12 de uma colher de chá de mel durante toda a sua vida?
Vamos proteger as abelhas para que continuem a produzir mel.

Did you know that the average worker bee produces only about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime?
Let’s protect the bees so they can continue to produce honey!

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Spot the queen~

I marked her. (2017 queen)


Spot the queen~


The Easy Beezies are not only still there post-antpocalypse, but they are thriving! Their top box was a mess of burr comb and hive beetles so I took it out and put in some clean frames with intermittent combs. I also took out a bit of burr comb and straightened some things out. They should be much more ready for the spring nectar flow now, and I can’t wait until it hits and they start re-building! ^^

They also have quite a bad hive beetle problem still, but the next cool night I get they will be moving out in to the sun on my newly repaired bee bench. Hopefully that will help keep them nice and healthy and away from pests.