What's the best way to keep bees/wasps at…

What's the best way to keep bees/wasps at a distance from me without hurting them? I know they're just investigating me but my anxiety keeps telling me they're going to murder me to death and I don't know how many times I can get scared out of my wits when summer finally rolls around 🙁

Uhhh… I’d say to just stay inside, but I feel that this isn’t really an option.

There really isn’t a good way to keep them away, but you can keep them from making nests nearby by simply knocking down the “starter nests” that they start to build in the spring. The queens aren’t typically as defensive as the workers, so you should be safe just knocking the little nest nub down while the queen is away. She will wonder where the nest went then fly off 90% of the time.

Otherwise I’d just recommend that you keep in mind they they don’t want to hurt you at all. They have literally no reason to. They’re just bros that happen to be a little more menacing looking than our bros the bees. They’re like that one friend that always puts on dark clothes and acts tough and stuff but they’re really just a huge teddy bear.