It was a wonderful warm sunny day today so I decided to un-wrap the hives on the stand. Apparently the recent rains forced some new ant colonies from the ground and they, too, thought that the nice dry warm hives were a great place to set up camp. They seem to be isolated to the lids of the hives, in the gap between the metal and the wood, or inside the cracks in the wood as seen on that green nuc. I still don’t trust it though. Ants are pesky things for bees, because they’re too small for them to manage effectively.

Another interesting thing that I noticed was that at some point, the bees from the middle (largest) hive decided that the space between hives was nice and comfy to stay in and started to place down some spare wax! It would be very interesting to unwrap them for good come spring to find an extension on the hive growing on the OUTSIDE!