What do you mean you could take a bite out of …

What do you mean you could take a bite out of any given beehive and have all the vitamins you need for like a month? You mean with or without eating some bees in the process? How much honey and presumably honeycomb are we talking? Like, all necessary vitamins or is that exaggeration? Sorry if I’m a bother

Not a bother at all!

A lot of research has gone in to the heath properties of hive materials, and (excluding adult bees) all of it is super good for you! The wax isn’t digested by the body, but it does stick to and draw out contaminants and toxins etc. The propolis is a potent antiviral/antibacterial and has lots of good vitamins. The honey is of course basically a food, being high in carbohydrates (sugar) with the added benefit of having vitamins and minerals and being great for spring allergies. The primary “super food” of the honey bee hive would most certainly be “royal jelly” that is found in the bottom of brood honeycombs, and in great quantities in queen cells (hence the name). It has every vitamin and some. And it is also supposedly great for your skin, but honestly that seems like a waste.

The bee larvae are supposed to be super good for you too but ew.

This all applies to other social bees as well, including the Jataí bees. Basically any bee that builds a hive that hosts multiple workers and a queen.