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A neighbor called and said she saw a swarm on a fire hydrant so I grabbed my bucket and ran there as fast as I could. I dabbed some lemongrass oil on the bottom of it and they walked in. After about 5 minutes I just scooped the rest in and bam! Free bees!

I got the queen on the first scoop too though. Apparently she was a new one because she was piping in there really loudly. This is my first personal swarm catch so honestly I’m not sure if that was supposed to happen or not.

What other website am i going to see posts where the op talks about “bam! Free bees!”

My imagination on how this went down:
Neighbor: “Hi, so I know you’re a beekeepr and all and I just saw a fire hydrant with a whole bunch of bees on-”
foxthebeekeeper: “I’M ON THE CASE!”

Extremely accurate