Don’t forget to water your bees this hot and dry season!

While bees do need nectar and pollen to survive and grow, many people don’t seem to realize that they also need a source of clean water! Bees get very hot in the summer time and get thirsty just like us. They also use the water to cool down the hive by fanning at the entrance and inside it evaporating water. They use this to regulate internal humidity in the hive as well.

A cheap and effective method of supplying water to your local babees is to take one of those large plastic to-go containers and punch holes around the brim just on the edge where the lid overlaps. If you put the holes too low, the water will go everywhere. If you put them too close to the edge, not enough water will come out. Just fill it almost completely with water, cap it up, and turn it over outside and the little rim will fill with water. This design will also self-replinish as the bees drink the water, and will prevent larger animals from getting in to it. It also has the added bonus of preventing mosquitoes from breeding in it which is a super nice bonus to me.