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Crawl space bees!

My latest beemoval was a bit of a weird one. After failing to locate the bees in the floor or wall spaces directly around the entrance, I was showed to a crawl space so tight that none of my equipment could fit through. And as fate would have it, the bees were in the furthest corner from the entrance, behind some vent ducts and plumbing and across a whole lot of construction debris. I had to get creative!
So instead of trying to cut them out from the outside, I took a much harder but less destructive approach. I took a half-stuffed smoker and some bee go, and got right up by them. I sprayed a ring of bee-go around them on the inside then proceeded to pump as much smoke as I could right in to them. The rear combs cleared off instantly, and the rest of them were clear of bees in about 30 minutes. I just sat the smoker below them so that smoke would slowly rise up in to them as I cut out the combs. Since I couldn’t bring frames, boxes, or even buckets down there with me, I had to improvise a small tarp with a pillow case. I used the pillow case to set the comb on and drag as I army-crawled out backwards. Three trips later and I had all the comb out and framed up in a box I set just outside. I sprayed a lot of bee go in to the area they were in to make sure they left and stayed out. I then simply vacuumed them all up off the outside and was done! Now the new crawlspace beebees are in my bee yard orienting to their new home~

Well they’re still here a day and a half later, so I guess they’re staying for good! I’ll open them up soon to make sure they’re not cross-combing too badly then I’ll set some old frames in there so they can get back to work. Their queen was an excellent layer and I just hope she’s OK in there. If not they had plenty of eggs to make a new queen, but it will push them back about 3 weeks in development.