Florin was moved in to my super hive! There ar…

Florin was moved in to my super hive! There are so very many bees and so very much comb. I’m glad they’re doing well.
I got a good look at all the frames as I carefully slotted them all in one by one, so I know they’re still a very healthy and strong hive.
I moved all the inhabited frames in but the bees were still roaring so I knew the queen wasn’t with them. At first I thought that maybe they were just being fussy but after a minute or so of the roar I realized that the queen was not there. I walked over to the old hive location and apparently when I started moving the boxes, the queen jumped out of the hive and sat on the ground!! She was just sitting under the bench with several workers around her. I let her climb up on my hand and set her on the entrance to the new hive and she walked right in. Now I’m just waiting for the returning foragers to calm down in the nuc I set in the old location so that I can dump them in with the rest of the Florin gals~

Hopefully this will be a good move for them because they consistently had troubles with hive beetles. They are ankle-biters so they never had varroa, but I lost about 170lbs of honey to their hive beetles last year. Cedar is supposed to be good for keeping away pests so maybe it will help deal with things like that.