Cracked open the big extraction bees today. St…

Cracked open the big extraction bees today. Still haven’t come up with a name though. It’s gonna be something along the lines of “perfect beautiful builders” because they are the ugliest builders in the bee yard. Xp

They are a really big colony and have sprung back several times from my cross-comb cutting every extraction. They are starting to learn that connecting frames leads to a mess and are just building little comb hearts now, so that’s a small step in the right direction.
I was trying to make some queens off of them but they aren’t cooperating and just smoothed over the egg comb that I placed in there. I’ll just wait for them to complete a worker brood cycle so that I can get a full strip of eggs instead of just a few little patches next time.

I also made some nifty little queen cell protectors to just push on to the queen cells. It’ll give the baby queen enough room to get out of the cell, but protect her from the current queen so that I can take her and put her in a queenless colony. (of which I have two now for some reason.)