foxthebeekeeper: We managed to get this open …


We managed to get this open but doing so agitated them 😥 my brother got stung but he’s ok. he was the only who could get it open even after he wiggled it slowly to get it open. They weren’t alot but of course after opening it much more came out. They are in such i terrible place because there are ppl walking their dogs. And i guess there is another swarm in a different area of the complex. They were following us a bit 😥 i might have no choice but to call for removal but i can’t afford any that im finding in my area. I still looking tho. Any advice?? I hope i haven’t messed this up 😞

Nonononononono it’s good they get like that when disturbed. What I would do if I couldn’t find someone to get them is open the hatch and leave it propped open for a while. The bees will quickly realize they’re in a bad spot and move out. Especially if they’ve just swarmed in.