Fox help!! There is this little tiny swarm goi…

Fox help!! There is this little tiny swarm going into one of those plastic covers that hide the pipes in the ground in my apartment complex and I'm worried maintenance is gonna find them and just spray them with insecticide! 😭 idk what to do!

Quick grab a hive or a copy box or shoe box or something to put them in and go queen hunting! Slowly open them up, and if possible, just shake them all in to your box from the lid and cap them up. Use thick tape or cardboard to seal up all but one hole on a copy box and they should make it a good temporary home.
If you don’t want to/can’t shake them all in at once, you can slowly and gently scoop them in with your hand, or other soft flat object. While doing this, slowly poke around in them and look for the queen. If you can get her in to the box you can get them all out.
Once you get them in your box, leave the box close to the area for an hour or so so they can all gather inside it before you move it to a safer more permanent area.
If you cannot keep them or move them yourself, you may want to contact a local beekeeper who can come pick them up for you.

Stay safe and save those bees!~