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One day, two swarms.

It looks to me like there is a swarm actively moving in to a bait box I’ve had up for ages. Just a single deep with no frames that I’m gonna have to frame up later.

A second swarm is landing on the leg of an uninhabited top bar hive as well.

It’s absolutely mind blowing to see this happening.

It’s slowly getting bigger and bigger I can’t wait to see how big it gets!!

Thar she buzzes!

Here’s the brightly colored queen from the little swarm. It’s another swarm about the size of pineapple which is sad. There’s some poor tiny colony out there throwing swarms every month and they are so so small…

But I set my little bait nuc in front of them with some frames and they started walking right in. (after I picked up the queen and plopped her down in there.)

And quick as that, they’re all in the box. At least mostly. ^^