where would I go if I wanted to remove bees fr…

where would I go if I wanted to remove bees from my house? we have a massive swarm of bees on our house and it's gotten to the point where we can barely go outside without them attacking us. my dad wants to call am exterminator but said if I could find a cheaper alternative he'd go for it. I really don't want the bees to be killed (they don't even mind my presence, but they get really mad if someone steps on the porch) and I have no idea how to save them. what should I do?

Usually looking up “(area) honeybee removal” will yield local beekeepers who will take them for you. If you have a swarm (ball of bees looking for a new home) it is usually free. If it’s inside your house, sometimes it’s free and sometimes they’ll charge a small amount. Usually if the bees are in a wall or soffit the beek can get them out pretty cheap. A large colony behind a wall or in a soffit for me typically runs 60-80$, while my competition will do the same thing for 300-600$. XD

But yeah do some online research before grabbing a can of wasp spray and making the biggest mistake of your life.