Hello, I would like to keep bees but I have ve…

Hello, I would like to keep bees but I have very vicious reactions to stings. Do you use a suit when maintaining your hives or taking the honey? If not, how often do you get stung?

I have started wearing my suit, at least partially, because bees love stinging the head and hands. Head because they’re smart and know that’s usually a weak spot. Hands because the guard bees will lunge at you as you reach in to the hive.
When I’m doing extractions I will wear my full suit regardless because I don’t know the temperament of the bees.

If you react badly to stings, I’d recommend that you wear a full suit and double-glove to better prevent stings. One area that I always gets stings is around the wrists, because a bee will sting in to the fabric and then when I bend my wrist or the fabric, it will be able to push through.

I’d also recommend that you only work with bees with a partner to keep an eye on you. The last thing you want is a super bad reaction and to be all alone. Also carry any medicines that you’d usually need with you at all times for obvious reasons.

Stay safe and happy beekeeping! X3