Took out a rather nice hive today from a longw…

Took out a rather nice hive today from a longways soffit space. I originally tried getting to them from the outside, but when I opened up the space all I saw was insulation. So I went inside and started at them from a hastily built closet and right when I got to the end of the fabulously built combs, I realized that I was simply one ball of insulation away from a considerably sized honeybee hive!
Their comb was covered with queen cells from front to back, and there was a rather surprising amount of honey stored up already. Apparently this was a hive that did more than its fair share of restoring the honeybee population by swarming out so many times over the several years that they were there. Very nice bees as well. Just a few frames of honeycomb in to the extraction I took off my veil and didn’t have to wear it for the entire rest of the time.
The amount of honey though was rather troublesome. It got absolutely everywhere and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be needing another vacuum. There was also just a very small amount of brood or even space for brood, so I’d imagine that the majority of the reason they swarmed so much is because they are so efficient at storing up honey. They’d store up so much that their queen couldn’t lay, then go swarm out as a very small swarm instead of just making more room.