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Want to help the bees (and butterflies, and other insects)? The time is now! 

SEED BOMBS are a super easy way to spread bee-friendly plants. You can toss them next to the road, into sad-looking wasteland or wherever you want to create a little island of environmentally awesome beauty. Turn those neglected areas into a feeding ground for bees, and beautify the land at the same time!

How? Exact amounts aren’t important, but we used:
+ 50 grams of seeds. Lots of online stores have pre-made bee mixes! Make sure to go for plants which grow locally (you don’t want to introduce invasive species).
+ 75 grams of soil. Mulch from your garden or from a bag will give the seeds a little boost.
+ 500 grams of air-dry clay. You can use powdered or ready-made clay, though you’ll need to add some water if you’re using the former. Craft stores will generally have plenty of clay.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl or on a baking tray until the seeds are spread evenly and you can make little balls out of it. Add some water if needed. Form little balls (the size of a marble is fine). Let them dry in a dry, dark place for a couple of days.
Tip: this is much faster if you don’t make a stop-motion video of the process like we did.

Now take them along and throw them into neglected areas! When it rains the balls will fall apart.

Good post! Remember to use ONLY native plants, and if possible, locally sourced seed instead of cultivars!