[Top 3] Gilder’s queen has been very bus…

[Top 3] Gilder’s queen has been very busy and there are many frames of very nice brood. Lots of honey and pollen stored up as well.
[Bottom 4] Florin’s new queen has been equally as busy and has laid out an ENTIRE frame of drone brood to the side of the hive. I almost removed it to prevent varroa spread, but I remembered that it was still early in the season and many mew queens will need a mate soon! Speaking of drones, Florin was PACKED with adorable fuzzy-wuzzies that had just hatched and there were so many of them that it made it hard to hunt down their queen. Xp
There was also a lot of capped honey from the fall that I decided to take out for now. Well deserved, as Florin stung me at least 4-5 times through my suit by massing around joints.