foxthebeekeeper: Two days’ hard work I decid…


Two days’ hard work

I decided to open up the new swarm since I was already out in the yard, and now I understand how honeybees make a hive as big as my veil in under a week. They had completely built out the frame that was already in there as bait, as well as a frames’ worth of natural comb on to the lid, which I just left in place. There were also several starter hearts next to it, so they were about to start their second frame of natural comb! I put two fresh frames of old comb from Gilder in with them to encourage their queen to lay as early as possible. Maybe they will be able to swarm out again mid-Summer! X3

I mean bees sure are amazing. I have been involved with bees for quite some time now yet they never cease to impress me. And these bees are VERY nice as well. I could have gone in without my veil if I wasn’t just coming over to them from Florin. Florin is still one of the meanest colonies I have had.

I need a new kingdom name for these lovely gals at some point. They are so nice and sweet and excellent builders, so something along the lines of that~