I’m a first time beekeeper and I lost my…

I’m a first time beekeeper and I lost my first hive to pesticide poisoning (bees dead all in front of the hive nothing left inside) I cried a lot. Is that weird to cry? Do you cry when you lose hives? Is it not as hard when you keep multiple hives?

It is ALWAYS very hard to see a whole colony go. No matter what it’s from.
But pesticides are by far one of the worst ways because the bees can’t even escape to a safe place. I’ve heard horror stories in my beek associations of whole apiaries killed by trucks spraying mosquito spray or other bug killers. Having more colonies die just makes it worse I’m sorry to say.

But there is hope!!
You can set up signs around your yard and neighborhood saying that honeybees are kept there and trucks won’t spray near you. You can also call your city or state agriculture department to ask about stopping spraying in your area. The best thing to do is make LOTS OF NOISE in terms of telling lots of people about it around you, especially government people. Put signs up. Make fliers. Start campaigns. Get mad. The city will usually listen, and when they won’t, they state will. The best you can do is to never give up on bees!