Stay close to nature with these 100% pure beeswax candles.
Handmade with local Georgia beeswax.

20+ Recipes That Use Raw Honey (And Keep It That Way):

Keeping honey unheated and unpasteurized helps to assure that the beneficial enzymes and other heat sensitive nutrients are kept intact.

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‘Like sending bees to war’: the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession:

Bees are essential to the functioning of America’s titanic almond industry – and billions are dying in the process.

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100% pure beeswax candles, handmade with local Georgia beeswax.
Unique shapes and sizes all in clean burning, long lasting and non-toxic beeswax.

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Manuka Honey: Uses, Benefits, and More:

Manuka honey manufacturers label their product with a unique Manuka factor (UMF) rating. This number describes the levels of MGO and a precursor, dihydroxyacetone. The range for UMF scoring is as follows:

0 to 4: an undetectable amount is present

5 to 9: low levels are present

10 to 15: useful levels are present

16: superior, high-grade levels are present

The higher the UMF number, the higher the level of these compounds. To get the most benefit, use a Manuka honey with a high UMF. Shop for Manuka honey at

100% pure beeswax candles make these long winter nights warm and cozy
Handmade with local Georgia beeswax